Governing Council:

Governing Council Members:
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1Shri G M Hegde, MulkhandPRESIDENT
2Shri Bheemanna T. Naik, SirsiVICE PRESIDENT
3Shri Nitin S Kasarkod, Sirsi.VICE PRESIDENT
4Dr. M G Hegde, GadimaneVICE PRESIDENT
5Shri Sudhir V Bhat ,Sirsi.TREASURER
7Shri Subray K Hegde, Bhagwat, Sirsimakki.Jt.SECRETARY
8Shri Varindra S Kamat, SirsiJt.SECRETARY
9Shri Narendra S Hegde, Hondagasi,Jt.SECRETARY
10Shri Shripad N Raysad , VaddinkoppaJt.SECRETARY
11Shri K.B. Lokesh Hegde, SirsiJt.SECRETARY
12Shri Laxminarayan R Hegde, MundgesarJt.SECRETARY
13Shri Ganesh S Hegde, HolladeJt.SECRETARY
14Shri Harish N Pandit, SirsiJt.SECRETARY
15Dr Raghavendra Kamath, SirsiJt.SECRETARY
16Shri Deepak R Hegde, DoddurJt.SECRETARY
17Shri Shivanand V Shivananchi, SirsiJt.SECRETARY
18Shri Shyamsundar M. Bhat,KajinmaneJt.SECRETARY
19Shri Krishna Esale, SirsiJt.SECRETARY
20Shri Gajanan N. Hegde, MuregarJt.SECRETARY
21Shri Ramachandra S Joshi,SirsiJt.SECRETARY
22Dr. Ramachandra N Hegde, Bhandimane,Jt.SECRETARY
23Shri Ganesh S Bhat, UpponiJt.SECRETARY
24Shri Jayadev Nilekani, SirsiMEMBER
25Shri Ramkrishna S Hegde, KadaveMEMBER
26Shri Ganapati S Hegde, SanmaneMEMBER
27Shri Niranjan S. Kamat, SirsiMEMBER
28Shri Prasad G Bhat, HulemalagiMEMBER
29Shri Shridhar N Hegde, NerlamaneMEMBER
30Shri Shridhar R Hegde, KadaveMEMBER
31Shri Mahendra S Bhat, SalekoppaMEMBER
32Shri Francis Martin Rodrigues, SirsiMEMBER
33Shri Nagesh D Hegde, HalerikoppaMEMBER
34Shri Ajay G Phatarpekar SirsiMEMBER
35Shri Santosh G Hegde SirsiMEMBER
36Shri Mahabaleshwar P. Hegde, KottegaddeMEMBER
37Sri Halappa Jakalannanavar, DasanakoppaMEMBER
38Shri Subray R. Hegde, HalasinahalliMEMBER
39Shri Satish V Bhat, NadguliMEMBER
40Shri Shankar N. Divekar, SirsiMEMBER
41Shri Shridhar N Nayak, EkkambiMEMBER
42Shri Vinayak G. Joshi, SirsiMEMBER
43Shri Ganapati R Hegde, BellekeriMEMBER
44Sri Vinayak R. Hegde, ShigehalliMEMBER
45Shri Santosh S. Pandit, SirsiMEMBER
46Shri Shashikant D. Pandit, SirsiMEMBER
47Smt. Lata G. Hegde, HonnegaddeMEMBER
48Shri Shivanand K. Shettar, SirsiMEMBER
49Shri Divakar M. Bhat, SirsiMEMBER
50Shri Satish V. Hegde, AllihaddaMEMBER
51Shri Subray M. Hegde, SirsiMEMBER
52Shri Mahabaleshwar S. Hegde, KoppaMEMBER
53Shri Deepak M. Bhat, SirsiMEMBER
54Shri Pramod S. Kamat, SirsiMEMBER
55Shri Ramesh N. Hegde, GurkanagaddeMEMBER
56Shri Chandrakant S. Hegde, NerlahaddaMEMBER
57Shri Narasimha V. Hegde, KadaveMEMBER
58Shri Shankarnarayan D. Bhat, ChavattiMEMBER
59Shri Rajeev K Hegde, HeepanalliMEMBER
60Shri Pandurang A Pai, ManjuvalliMEMBER



SWAIAM Invitation MMC Function

Bhoomika, Placement Cell, and IQAC jointly Organizing a


By Shriram Study Circle Ankola for B.A and B.Sc students
Resource Person: Shri. Suraj Nayak, Ankola President: Dr. T.S. Halemane, principal Date : 8-12-2023 Time: 11am Venue. Motensar Hall




Sirsi taluk that lies in the lap of the great sahyadris is naturally endowed with scenic beauty and salubrious environment. In the map of the Uttara Kannada district it has a unique identity for its sound socio- economic fabric and rich cultural heritage. But the people of this taluk were not educationally empowered for higher learning till the founding of the Modern Education Society in the year 1962. This premier educational organization was established with an aim to provide higher education to the aspirant learners of the upper ghat talukas of the U.K. district. The dreams of a large section of the ambitious youths, especially of girls to get a degree of their interest and choice would not have been realized without the founding of this educational organization. The MES has been presently running 16 institutions, including various branches of studies like Arts, Science, Commerce, Law, Polytechnic, Job-Oriented courses, Diploma in Nursing, aided and unaided multi-disciplinary Pre-university courses etc. on the sprawling 50 acres of area. All the institutions of the Society have made a distinctive mark in their respective fields on the educational map of the State.






Phone No.:08384 - 236377


Taluk: SIRSI

District:Uttara Kannada


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